Microtech Collectors

New Consignment Collection

Very Rare Microtech Bag

Holds 20 knives in velcro flapped pouches

These bags were specially made for Microtech

I don't remember the exact quantity but it was very low


Microhalics Knife Bag



Ultratech UT6 - $350.00

This color was done specifically for me when I was a Microtech distributor

Very limited number made.


Ultratech UT6 Camo - $200.00






End of Consignment




Halo III Neck/Belt Sheath $30.00

Kydex Belt Sheath for Combat Talon - $20.00

Neck Sheath for Nemesis - $15.00

Belt Sheath for ??? Sideopener - $25.00

Sholder Rig for Halo II - $50.00


Glass Breakers and tools - $25.00/ea